Going Back to College

It’s been 25 years since I last attended any college classes. At that time I would take one or two courses at night while Kevin was home with the kids. I accumulated 26 credits before I stopped going. We relocated from Oklahoma to California and I just never thought about going again. Kevin began pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Cal State Long Beach at night and I just focused on being a “Stay-at-home-mom”…my true dream job. I was never career oriented so I never thought twice about going back to school.

Once the kids were in school full-time I thought it was time to do something so I just went back to work part-time. That eventually turned into full-time.

Then the “Great Depressing Recession” hit the California construction economy in a big way and in October of 2008 I was laid off from my job of 8 1/2 years with Lucas and Mercier Construction, a residential home framing company. Throughout all of my years in the working industry I wound up focusing on Accounting related positions in one form or another. Once laid-off it made it a great challenge to find another job. There are a million accounting clerks out there, many who are much younger than I am, which is apparent once my resume is reviewed.

I became a “99 Weeker”. I was blessed in the fact that if I was going to be laid-off and had to rely on Unemployment Compensation, the timing was perfect. It’s crazy how fast 99 weeks can go by. It’s also very humbling to realize that you are no longer in demand, have no real special talents and are not getting any younger.

That is when I decided that going back to college to pursue a Medical Assisting program was the way to go for me. It was somewhat of a daunting idea. But, the application and admission process was very simple since everything is an online process. Before I knew it I had decided the direction I want to go and had applied, was accepted and registered for my first semester of classes.

My brain can actually handle it. That was something I was very happy to find out. Learning and remembering and being tested on vast amounts of knowledge was still doable. It is interesting to see that I’m not the only “PSC” – “Pre-Senior Citizen in the group. There are others that have been laid-off and have the same idea as me, the Medical field seems like the way to go…a field of possible job opportunities.

So we’ll see. So far, so good. I’ve also learned that being on the planet for a few more years actually does have its perks…you just pick up more knowledge as you go…especially if its something about the medical field!


About Moqqi

I was born in the Midwest but I have actually lived more of my life on the West Coast. I am looking forward to that day when I once again am living in the Midwest. Hopefully that will mean that I am retired and getting to live life at a bit of a slower pace! I've been married to the same guy for 36 years! We met when he was working for a semi-pro hockey team and I was selling tickets to the games. He also played hockey at an amateur and college level and I think I fell instantly in love when we went ice skating together and he saved me from crashing when someone behind me fell (I was skating backwards, he was skating forward, so we were facing each other.) and he reached out with his big, strong arms and grabbed both of my upper arms and just stopped me dead in my tracks to make sure I didn't fall over the person. My Hercules! I have two children, a son and a daughter. My son is an Registered Nurse and works in an ICU. He is married to a wonderful girl that I couldn't have hand picked better. They have produced the absolute, most cute and adorable Grandchildren that anyone could ask for! My daughter is now a Fifth Grade teacher. She has a joy and passion for teaching and loving her students that is not seen in many teachers these days. She truly found her calling. I have this blog because I thought it would be nice to have a place that I could share what is going on in our lives and I also just love to tell stories. I'm not a writer per se, but I do love a good story. Even if it's just a short little quip!
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