Date #2 of 52 Fun and Creative Dates – Our “Planting Date”

Herbs and Beans all planted and ready to grow!

Kevin and I decided that for our second date of our fifty two creative dates that we would do the suggested date of “Plant a Vegetable Garden”.  Since we don’t have a backyard to plant and cultivate a garden we instead got boxes to plant that would fit on our patio, still leaving room to enjoy sitting out to watch the incredible sunsets in the evenings.

The next thing that we had to decide on was what to plant. We wanted to plant something that we would also eat. So we chose Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, Tomatoes and Green Beans.

Kevin planting the herbs and beans.

We bought all of our supplies at Lowes and came back home and got down to business. At the same time that we were planting our vegies we also were transplanting our rubber tree into a larger container. We received the rubber tree from my mom and dad on our 10th wedding anniversary, twenty years ago, and it is still going strong. I have to admit, it’s because Kevin is so good at making sure that it gets the water that it needs just before it is ready to croak.

Our Rubber Tree and Herbs and Veggies

After transplanting the rubber tree it was time to start on the vegies/herbs. The first container we decided to put the herbs into. We used the second container for the beans. We figured that the beans needed a container of their own since they are a much larger plant.

It only took a few days for the little plants to start coming up. It is so exciting to see those first little sprouts and know that soon they will be supplying us with fresh produce that we don’t have to remember to put on the grocery list! I can’t wait until my cilantro is ready to pick, it is one of my favorite herbs.

Everything's sprouting!

Another thing that we incorporated into our Planting Date was getting some “Veggie Tales Peas” for Hudson to plant. When the kids came over the next day, Hudson decorated his planting bucket with some Disney stickers before starting the planting process. Once that was complete it was time to dump planting soil into the bucket. We had also gotten Hudson his own little gardening tools that just his size. He wanted to dig more than plant but we did manage to get him to push his peas down into the soil and cover with some more soil. According to his mom and dad his are starting to sprout also.

Hudson Planting his Veggie Tales Peas

While Hudson was planting his peas there was a bit of spillage. At the end of planting we swept the extra dirt and peas up from the patio floor and just dumped it into another planter that we had. Now…we have peas growing there too!

We had also bought a mini greenhouse that included soil and seeds for tomatoes. Those didn’t get planted right away so we are still waiting for them to sprout.

At least after this date Kevin and I know that if we had to, we could probably manage to grow some food to eat. 🙂 We both have farming in our family background so it doesn’t completely surprise me.

Kevin and I with our "Garden"


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