The Farm…or should I say…The Old Home Place

I finally figured out how to find our farm on the Google Maps and put in a link to it. Kevin’s mom left us 200 acres in Earlsboro when she passed away. I can’t wait to go back out and walk around it again. We try to get there as often as we can when we are back for a visit. I’d really like to walk the fence line and really get a feel for the layout of the land. We have walked parts of it but never really spent a good amount of time there lately. I want to try fishing in the two ponds and see if there are any fish. I know there are snakes because Kevin remembers them when he was little and how the snakes even scared his Grandma’s dog, Lady, out of the pond. (Smart dog.) There are lots of cedar trees on the place, a lot of which eventually should be taken out as they kind of take over after awhile. One of these days…I have lots of dreams and plans for this place. It’s just so pretty and it makes me feel good when I think about it and all of the fun that we could have. I think one day I’d like to name it “Murphy Meadows”. That sounds like it would be a great name for golf course. Now that would be something fun to do with it. Or maybe build some little bungalows in a few of the meadow type areas and make it like a B&B Get-away. Hmmmm…so many possibilities.


About Moqqi

I was born in the Midwest but I have actually lived more of my life on the West Coast. I am looking forward to that day when I once again am living in the Midwest. Hopefully that will mean that I am retired and getting to live life at a bit of a slower pace! I've been married to the same guy for 36 years! We met when he was working for a semi-pro hockey team and I was selling tickets to the games. He also played hockey at an amateur and college level and I think I fell instantly in love when we went ice skating together and he saved me from crashing when someone behind me fell (I was skating backwards, he was skating forward, so we were facing each other.) and he reached out with his big, strong arms and grabbed both of my upper arms and just stopped me dead in my tracks to make sure I didn't fall over the person. My Hercules! I have two children, a son and a daughter. My son is an Registered Nurse and works in an ICU. He is married to a wonderful girl that I couldn't have hand picked better. They have produced the absolute, most cute and adorable Grandchildren that anyone could ask for! My daughter is now a Fifth Grade teacher. She has a joy and passion for teaching and loving her students that is not seen in many teachers these days. She truly found her calling. I have this blog because I thought it would be nice to have a place that I could share what is going on in our lives and I also just love to tell stories. I'm not a writer per se, but I do love a good story. Even if it's just a short little quip!
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