Brian Murphy plays in the Trabuco Hills High School Annual Alumni Baseball Game



Brian blocking a pitched ball.

Brian blocking a pitched ball.

On Saturday, February 21st the TrabucoHills High School Baseball team hosted their annual Varsity vs Alumni game. Since Brian graduated in ’99 he is now an “Old Timer”. Brian wound up catching the first half of the game and the Old Timers held their own in the Alumni game, beating the Varsity during the first half when Brian and his former team mates were playing. They still have it, it looked like they never quit playing together, their rhythm was still so good. When the younger Old Timers came in, they wound up getting slaughtered.

Being at the THHS baseball field and seeing past players and friends brought back fond memories.

It has been 10 years since Brian played for THHS as Catcher and sometime pitcher and broke the schools Season RBI record. What a great team that was.

The THHS baseball team was featured on more than one occasion on Cox Cable’s Game of the Week, hosted by Paul Higgins and Bill Cunerty. During Brian’s Junior year they played against Mission Viejo High School at the Saddleback College field. In that televised night game Brian was first at bat in a later inning and went “Yard” as he hit a Major League home run just after throwing someone out (“A Rocket” to Adam Anderson) at second base to end the prior inning.

Another Cox Cable Game of the Week was our CIF Playoff Game against Pacifica. Trabuco was 18-6 over all and 12-3 in league. THHS was seated 2nd in Divison III. In the bottom of the 7th inning the score was tied 3-3. DH-Todd Gelatkawho was 3 for 3 lead off with a pop-up to the left field, but because of an error by the  Pacifica left fielder, Todd was safe on second base. Brian was next up to bat, but because Brian was also 3 for 3, Pacifica chose to intentionally walk Brian. Brian was not a happy camper! Runners were now on 1st and 2nd. Next up was Sean Boatwright. With a sacrifice bunt he moved Todd and Brian over to 2nd and 3rd. 1 out. Eric Bowden (Eric had thrown 13 strike-outs against Pacifica) was now at bat. Pacifica pulled everyone “in” and Eric proceeded to hit the game winning hit. The final score was Pacifica 3, THHS 4.

Another Senior year first was the team being invited to be on the “Live OCN Sports Talk, Spring Sports Edition” television show hosted by Brent Webber. Brian, Eric Bowden and Coach Ellis were the featured guests. They were interviewed by Brent and game high lights of the season were played through out the program, one of those high lights being Brian’s 3-run home run against Mater Dei. In Brian’s Senior season THHS played against Mater Dei and Brian hit a 3 run home run in that game. It was Mater Dei’s last home game of their regular season, and the last time that the then Mater Dei’s head coach, Bob Ickes, would be playing on Mater Dei’s home field after a 25 year run. It was a sweet win for THHS, 5-1 over Mater Dei as Mater Dei was always a team that we wanted to beat.

The Alumni Game was a hit for all. Several of Brian’s former team mates were also able to make it to the game. Eric Bowden, Adam Anderson, Jason Mooneyham, Kyle Allen, Omar Rose, Michael Busane, Sean Sullens, Brian Byrne and Graham Robbey to name a few.

One of the delights of the day was watching “Little Murf”, Hudson run around and have fun on the same field that his Daddy played on.


Here is Brian and Hudson, Adam Anderson, Graham Robbey and Eric Bowden and Peyton.


Brian’s wife, Caila and sister, Melissa were among the many fans.



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2 Responses to Brian Murphy plays in the Trabuco Hills High School Annual Alumni Baseball Game

  1. Caila says:

    Hey, Teri-Mom, great blog post! You could be a professional blogger for our family! I loved the history. That alumni game at THHS was so much fun. And who knows? Maybe Little Murf will be playing his own games sometime soon while we all sit in the stands and cheer? 🙂

  2. tofiq says:

    sorry, THHS

    THHS is my name.., Taufiq Hidayat H. Sandiah

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